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Teritary Sectors : It is the sector of the national economy which provides services such as transport, finance, retailing, etc.

Third World : This term is used for the developing countries. From the international economic point of view, the world is divided into three parts.

The first is the Western bloc of countries which is led by the United States, Great Britain, Germany, Japan etc., which are rich and industrialised nations.

The second is the Communist bloc of nations led by China, Cuba, etc. India is among the Third World nations comprising 130 developing countries and LDCs, which is the third part.

Trade Mark : It is a distinctive mark of sign or name adopted in respect of a product and registered as such in order to safeguard the interests and rights of manufacturers.

A trade mark cannot be infringed by any one under the laws.

Turnover : The total value of the sales made by a company or a firm in one accounting year is called the turnover.

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