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Information About Assam Agricultural University

Assam Agricultural University is the first institution of its kind in the whole of North – Eastern Region of India. The main goal of this institution is to produce globally competitive human resources in farm sector and to carry out research in both conventional and frontier areas for production optimization as well as to disseminate the generated technologies as public good for benefitting the food growers / produces and traders involved in the sector while emphasizing on sustainability, equity and overall food security at household level.

Genesis of AAU

During early 20th century, establishment of two research stations, one at Karimganj ( 1913 ) and the other at Titabor ( 1923 ) paved the way, immediately after independence, towards setting up of the Assam Agricultural College ( AAC ) at Jorhat and the Assam Veterinary College ( AVC ) at Nagaon in 1948. Later, on April 1, 1969 the Assam Agricultural University came into being through “The Assam Agricultural University Act, 1968”, renaming AAC as College of Agriculture headquartered at Jorhat and AVC as College of Veterinary Science simultaneously shifting its site from Nagaon to Khanapara.

Subsequently, College of Home Science ( 1969 ), College of Fisheries ( 1988 ), Biswanath College of Agriculture ( 1988 ) and Lakhimpur College of Veterinary Science  ( 1988 ) were established. Similarly, few more regional research stations at Shillongani, Diphu, Gossaigaon, Lakhimpur; and commodity research stations at Kahikuchi, Buralikson, Tinsukia, Kharua, Burnihat and Mandira were added to generate location and crop specific agricultural production packages.


  • Imparting resource conserving, quality and market driven education in agriculture and allied fields to facilitate agricultural growth for food security
  • Undertake basic, strategic and applied research in the sector for agriculture centric business and employment avenues in the production to consumption chain
  • Technology showcasing and transfer to the user groups for science led agricultural growth

Vision of AAU

Provisioning of quality human resource to facilitate technology led agricultural renaissance revitalizing and rejuvenating post-green revolution in agriculture ensuring both production and environment sustainability targeting a minimum of 4% agricultural growth while addressing the issues of household nutritional security, farmers’ distress, commerce in agriculture as well as regional, national and global food crisis taking the advantage of innovative technology, market reforms and liberalization.


To fill up talent gap in agriculture and allied sector to preposition the state to combat the emerging challenges in agriculture and ensure productivity increase in agri – horti – animal – fish crops on the face of shrinking / fragmented land holdings, ailing soil health, diminishing water resources and increased human population.

{tab=AAU University Courses}

Courses in Assam Agricultural University Jorhat

1. Under Graduate Courses :

  • Bachelor of Science in Agriculture
  • Bachelor of Veterinary Science & Animal Husbandry
  • Bachelor of Fisheries Science
  • Bachelor of Science in Home Science
  • Specialized Bachelor of Science Course in Tea Husbandry & Technology
    Economics & General Administration
    Tea Process Engineering
    Tea Husbandry

2. Post Graduate Courses :

  • MSc ( Master of Science ) Courses :
  • Master of Veterinary Science
  • Master of Science in Home Science
  • Specialized Master of Science course in Tea Husbandry & Technology
    Economics & General Administration
    Tea Process Engineering
    Tea Husbandry
  • Specialized Course in Agri – business Management ( to be named as MBA )

3. Doctoral Courses :

  • PhD ( Doctor of Philosophy ) Courses :
    Veterinary Science
    Home Science

{tab=AAU University Departments}

Assam Agricultural University Faculty & Departments

Faculty of Agriculture

  • Department of Agronomy
  • Department of Agricultural Biotechnology
  • Department of Agricultural Economics & Farm management
  • Department of Agricultural Engineering
  • Department of Agricultural Meteorology
  • Department of Agricultural Statistics
  • Department of Animal Husbandry & Dairying
  • Department of Biochemistry & Agricultural Chemistry
  • Department of Crop Physiology
  • Department of Entomology
  • Department of Extension Education
  • Department of Horticulture
  • Department of Nematology
  • Department of Plant Breeding & Genetics
  • Department of Plant Pathology
  • Department of Soil Science
  • Department of Tea Husbandry & Technology

Faculty of Veterinary Science

  • Department of Animal Genetics & Breeding
  • Department of Animal Nutrition
  • Department of Animal Production & Management
  • Department of Extension Education ( Veterianry )
  • Department of Veterinary Anatomy & Histology
  • Department of Veterinary Gynaecology
  • Department of Veterinary Medicine, Public Health & Hygiene
  • Department of Veterinary Microbiology
  • Department of Veterinary parasitology
  • Department of Veterinary pathology
  • Department of Veterinary Pharmacology & Toxicology
  • Department of Veterinary Physiology
  • Department of Veterinary Surgery & Radiology
  • Department of Poultry Science

Faculty of Home Science

  • Department of Child Development & Family relations
  • Department of Clothing & Textiles
  • Department of Extension Education
  • Department of Food & Nutrition
  • Department of Family resource management

Faculty of Fisheries Science

  • Department of Aquaculture
  • Department of Fish Biology
  • Department of Hydrography
  • Department of Fish Technology & Engineering
  • Department of Fish Extension Education
  • Department of Fish Economics & Management

{tab=AAU University Affiliated Colleges}

College of Veterinary Science Assam Agricultural University

  • Jorhat Engineering College, Jorhat, ( Assam ).
  • Jorhat Engineering College.
  • College of Home Science.
  • JB College.
  • Dr. J.K. Saikia Government Homoeopathic Medical College.
  • Jorhat Engineering College.
  • Assam Textile Institute.

{tab=AAU University Contact}

Address of Assam Agricultural University AAU

Assam Agricultural University,
Jorhat – 785 013,
Phone : 0376 – 2340001, 0376 – 2340013, 0376 – 3340008,
Fax No : 2340001,
Email :,,
Website :

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