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The idea of establishing a University at Baroda had engaged the attention of the Government of the former State of Baroda and its Educational advisers long before the question of Regional Universities and Decentralisation,  Reorganisation and reconditioning of higher education to suit the Cultural Educational needs of particular areas had taken root in the country.

The concept was first visualized by Dr. Jackson, when, as Principal of the Baroda College in the 1908, he advocated the establishment of a Science Institute at Baroda on an improved and Independent basis. It was a consistent policy of the Government of Baroda to subject its Educational System to periodical inquiries of a searching nature by Educational Experts of international fame, as a result of which the first Commission was appointed in 1909.

The principal recommendation of that Commission was to expand the activities of the Baroda College by establishing additional chairs in new branches of knowledge. As a result of this policy of chalking out untrodden paths in Higher Education and thereby Evolving a University atmosphere in Baroda, Chairs of Comparative Region and Household Science were instituted.

Professor Widgery and Mrs. Strong were appointed to hold these chairs. In 1916, the educational policy of the State was again reviewed. As a part of this inquiry, one of the members of the Commission, Shri S.V.Mukerjea, prepared a minute of recommendations and in his note he definitely advocated the establishment of a University at Baroda.

In 1919 the matter was brought to the forefront by the appointment of yet another Committee consisting of the late Principal Clarke, Prof. Widgery and Shri N. K. Dixit, the then Educational Commissioner of the State. The Committee drew up an elaborate report in favour of civic University at Baroda. Thereafter, Prof. P. Sheshadri of the Benares Hindu University was requested to lay out a scheme for a University at Baroda.

Professor Widgery also submitted a scheme for a State University on the lines of the smaller German Universities. During this period, Her Highness Shrimant Maharani Chimnabai Saheb, the Maharani Gaekwad of Baroda, offered a princely donation for running a Women’s University at Baroda. But as Sir Manubhai Mehta, the then Dewan of Baroda, pointed out in one of his speeches, the time was not ripe then for idea to germinate.

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Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda Courses :

  • Doctoral
  • Master of Philosophu
  • Post Graduate Diploma Courses
  • Diploma  course
  • Certificate course

{tab=Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda Departments}

Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda Departments :

Doctoral Courses

Faculty of Arts

  • PhD in English
  • PhD in Sociology
  • PhD in Archaeology
  • Research Programme in Russian
  • PhD in Political Science
  • PhD in Library and Information Science
  • PhD in German
  • PhD in Persian Ph.D. in Arabic
  • PhD in Urdu

Faculty of Commerce

  • PhD in Business Economics
  • PhD in Commerce Including Business Administration

Faculty of Education and Psychology

  • PhD in Psychology
  • PhD ( Education )

Faculty of Family and Community Sciences

  • PhD Foods & Nutrition
  • PhD Clothing & Textiles
  • PhD Programme in Human Development and Family
  • Ph.D. Home Management ( Home )
  • PhD Extension & Communication

PG course in MSU :

Faculty of Family and Community Sciences

  • M.Phil Clothing & Textiles
  • M.Phil in Human Development and Family Science
  • Faculty of  Science
  • Master of Philosophy  (  Mathematics  )

Faculty of Arts :

M.A.Programs :

  • English, Sociology, Economics, Indian History, Culture and Archaeology, Political Science,  Philosophy,  Germany,  Marathi,  Persian, Urdu ( Subordinate ) in History
  • Master of Library and Information Science

Faculty of Commerce:

  • M.Com. in Accounting and Financial Management
  • M.Com. in Banking and Insurance
  • Cooperation
  • M.Com. in Commerce Include Business Adminstration.
  • M.Com in Business Economics
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Business Administration

Faculty of Education and Psychology:

  • M.A. in Psychology
  • Master of Educational Management ( M.Ed.M )
  • Master of Educational Management ( M.Ed.M )

Faculty of   Family and Community Sciences :

  • M.Sc ( Home ) Foods & Nutrition
  • M.Sc Degree in Human Development and Family Studies
  • M.Sc. ( Home ) Home Management
  • M.Sc. ( Home ) Extension & Communication
  • M.F.C.Sc. Clothing& Textiles

Faculty of Fine Arts :

  • M.A Fine  (  Painting, Sculpture, Applied Arts  )
  • M.A Fine  (  Graphic Arts  )
  • Master of Visual Arts  (  M.V.A.  ) – Art History & Aesthetics
  • M.A  (  Fine  )  Musicology

Faculty of Journalism and Communication :

  • Master in Communication Studies ( MCS )

Faculty of law:

  • Master of Laws

Faculty of Management Studies :

MBA Programs ( Master Business Administration )

  • Two Year Full Time
  • 3 Year part Time

Faculty of Medicine

M.D Programs :

  • Medicine, Pathology, Pathology, Pharmacology, Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Paediatrics, Preventive and Social Medicine, Radio Diagnosis, Radio – Therapy, Bio – Chemistry, Psychiatry, Dermatology, Venereology and leprosy, Surgery, Anatomy, Orthopaedics, Otorhinolaryngology ( E.N.T. ), Opthalmology.

M.Sc Programs :

  • Medical, Anatomy, Physiology, Pharmacology , Microbiology,  Bio – Chemistry,  Plastic Surgery, Physiology.

Faculty of Performing Arts :

  • Master in Performing Arts ( Music – Vocal )
  • Master of Performing Arts – Dance
  • Master in Performing Arts ( Drama )
  • Master in Performing Arts ( Instrumental Music )

Faculty of Science:

  • Master of Science ( Mathematics )
  • Master of Science ( Physics )
  • Master of Science ( Botany )
  • M.Sc. in Geology
  • Master of Science ( Geography )
  • Master of Science ( Bio Chemistry )
  • Master of Science ( Medical Biotechnology )
  • Master of Science ( Bio – Statistics )
  • Master of Science ( Environmental Science )
  • Master of Science ( M.Sc ) in Petroleum Geology
  • M.Sc ( Microbiology )

Faculty of Social Work

  • PG Diploma in Industrial Relations & Personal Management
  • PG Diploma in Human Resource Management
  • PG Diploma in Health Management & Interventions
  • PG Diploma in Social Development and Organization Management
  • PG Dipl9oma in Criminology & Correctional Management

Faculty of Technology and Engineering

  • PG in Diploma in Computer Applications
  • Post B.Sc Diploma in Environmental Sciences
  • PG Diploma in Corrosion Technology
  • PG Diploma in Corrosion Technology
  • PG Diploma in Science Computer &Industrial Maths
  • Part Time PG Diploma in Computer Application
  • PG Diploma in Solid State Electronics

Faculty of Arts

  • B.A – English
  • B.A in Sociology
  • B.A Indian History Culture and Archaeology (IHC
  • B.A in Political Science
  • Bachelor of Library and Information Science
  • B.A in Philosophy
  • B.A in Germany
  • B.A in Marathi
  • B.A in Persian
  • B.A in Arabic
  • B.A in Urdu
  • B.A in History
  • B.A in Sanskrit, Pali & Prakrit

Faculty of Education and Psychology

  • B.A. in Psychology
  • Bachelor of Education ( B.Ed )

Faculty of Family and Community Sciences

  • B.Sc ( Home ) Foods &Nutrition
  • B.Sc ( Home ) Human Development and Family Studies
  • B.Sc. Extension & Communication
  • B.Sc. ( Home ) Home Management
  • B.F.C.Sc Fashion Designing
  • B.F.C.Sc Clothing &Textiles

Faculty of Fine Arts

  • B.A. ( Fine ) in Painting, Sculpture, Applied Arts and Art History

Faculty of Law

  • Bachelor of Laws ( General )
  • Bachelor of Laws ( Special )

Faculty of Medicine

  • M.B.B.S Degree Course
  • F.Y.B Physics of Bachelor of Physiotherapy Degree

Faculty of Science

  • Bachelor in Science ( Physics )
  • Bachelor of Science ( Mathematics )
  • Bachelor of Science ( Botany )
  • B.Sc ( Geology )
  • Bachelor of Science ( Geography )
  • Bachelor of Arts ( Geography )
  • Bachelor in Science ( Environment Science )

Faculty of Technology and Engineering

  • Bachelor in Textile Engineering
  • Graduation in Civil Engineering
  • Graduation in Chemical Engineering
  • Bachelor in Pharmacy
  • Graduation in Computer Science
  • Graduation in Electronics Engineering
  • Graduation in Metallurgical Engineering
  • U.G course for Mathematics for B.E.
  • Graduation in Electrical Engineering
  • Post B.Sc Graduation in Electronics Engineering
  • Graduation in Mechanical Engineering
  • Graduation in Chemical Engineering
  • Bachelor of Civil Engineering
  • Bachelor of Textile Technology
  • Post B.Sc B.E in Textile Chemistry
  • M.Phil M.Sc ( 2 years )

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Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda Contact Address :

Address opp,
Drugs Laboratory,
Vadodara 390002,
Gujarat, India,
Phone Number : +91 265 2795521,
Website : //


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