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MGAHV Mahatma Gandhi Antarrashtriya Hindi Vishwavidyalaya About Us

Mahatma Gandhi’s dream a dream in India as the national language of Hindi was also distinguished. He said that without national No nation is dumb. World Hindi Conference held at Nagpur ( January 10 to 14, 1975 ) The resolution was passed in Hindi the official language of the United Nations as the place to be and set up an International Hindi University in Wardha Zay headquarters . August Second World Hindi Conference held in Mauritius in 1976 it was decided that the Mauritius to set up a World Hindi Center, which coordinates the activities of all the world to Hindi.

IV World Hindi Conference ( December – 1993 ) after the World Hindi Secretariat in Mauritius has established an International Hindi University in India established realizing the need to get it added. It was possible in 1997 – an act passed by the Parliament of India by Mahatma Gandhi International Hindi University in Wardha been established Karmabhumi of the Nation. Establishment of the University of Aarateandu Harishchandra Prasad also completed a longing that Mrityuprynt their minds – the brain was Chhayie. He was longing “pure Hindi of the University locate one of our industry”.

Mahatma Gandhi Antarrashtriya Hindi Vishwavidyalaya or Mahatma Gandhi International Hindi University was established to fulfill a dream of Mahatma Gandhi, the father of the nation. Mahatma Gandhi was of the firm opinion that Hindi should not only be the national language of the country but it should also gain the status of a world language.

The dream of the Mahatma was reflected in the resolutions passed by the First World Hindi Conference organized in Nagpur in the year 1975. The first resolution demanded Hindi to be made one of the official languages ​​of the United Nations Organisation and the second resolved to establish an International Hindi University at Wardha, the land where Gandhi ji experimented all programs dear to his heart.

MGAHV was crated by an Act passed by the Indian Parliament in 1997. Section – 3 of the Act mandates special and unique responsibility to the University to enrich Hindi language and literature by teaching and research and make it capable of becoming a World language in the real sense of the term. Since 1997 the MGAHV University is functioning as a residential University solely dedicated to the cause of Hindi. Spread in an area of ​​more than two hundred acres, the fast coming Mahatma Gandhi Antarrashtriya Hindi Vishwavidyalaya University buildings are pleasant blend of aesthetics and functional utility.

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Mahatma Gandhi International Hindi University Schools / Centers :

  1. Communication and Media Studies Centre
  2. Technology Learning Center
  3. Indian and Foreign Language Advanced Study Centre
  4. Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar Centre for Dalit and Tribal Studies
  5. Dr. Ambedkar Study Centre
  6. Dr. Bdnt fun Kauslyayn Buddhist – Study Centre
  7. Mahatma Gandhi Fuji – Master Peace Studies Center
  8. Dr. Zakir Husain Studies Centre
  9. Nehru Studies Centre

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Courses at Mahatma Gandhi Antarrashtriya Hindi Vishwavidyalaya

The following short courses are offered in Hindi and other regional languages :

  • Diploma Course in Hindi as an international language ( 1 year )
  • Orientation Course in Hindi as an international language ( Six Months )
  • Summer Course in Hindi as an international language ( Eight Weeks )
  • Diploma Programs ( Six Months ) :
    • Malayalam, Telugu, Tamil, Marathi.

Short Courses in the following foreign languages are also provided :

  • Diploma Programs ( Six Months ) :
    • German, French, Japanese, Spanish.

Post Graduate Diploma Programs ( 1 year ) :

  • Dalit Adhyayan, Media Infomatics, Vishwa Bhasa Hindi, Anuvaad aur Pryojanmoolak Hindi Bhasha, Sanskritik Paryatan Prambhandhan, Vyapar Samskriti Prambhandhan.

Post Graduate ( M.A. ) Programs :

  • Women Studies, Translation Technology, Mass Media and Communication, Hindi ( Language Technology ), Ahimsa and Peace Studies, Master Informetiks and Language Engineering ( Mlai.allil ), Dalit and Tribal Studies, Buddhist Studies .

M. Phil Programs :

  • Translation Technology, Hindi ( Comparitive Literature ), Ahimsa and Peace Studies, Translation Technology, Mass Media and Communication.

PhD Programs :

  • Mass Media and Communication, Informetiks and Language Engineering.

Diploma Programs :

  • Graduate Diploma in Television Program Production
  • Graduate Diploma in Web journalism
  • Masters in Broadcast Madhyamon Diploma
  • Graduate Diploma in Advertising and Public Relations
  • Grafiksa and Graduate Diploma in Animation
  • Graduate Diploma in videography and video editing
  • Computer Application ( Dilsi.a. ), Sanskrit
  • Buddhist – Studies Graduate Diploma

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Mahatma Gandhi Antarrashtriya Hindi Vishwavidyalaya Distance Education About Us

MGAHV University objectives outlined in Section 4 was told the university’s purpose – to popularize Hindi through distance education system will. As well as the provisions of section 5 ( 5 ) under the powers conferred on the University in through distance learning has been reported that those individuals whom he determines, is to provide facilities’.

The background light of the June 15, 2007 Mahatma Gandhi International Hindi University’s distance learning program inaugurated President of India HE Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam was Speaking on the occasion, Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam outlined.

The aim of the MGAHV University Centre for Distance Education Hindi – language education through the knowledge of the latest disciplines all sections of society – especially living on the margins of society deprived of education is reaching people. By the Central Hindi language based management, information technology, translation, etc disciplines teaching, is committed to promoting original thinking and writing. The center woman – to study the latest disciplines such as nonviolence and peace studies will attempt to reach the wider community so as Biswaanti and parity values ​​can be proven in practice.

Original in Hindi – alternative thinking and research to commit the university will try it on one side of the Distance Learning Center Distance Learning Program Research / Research in the fundamental disciplines of knowledge created by the Hindi and does, as well as through the other side of the Hindi language by job oriented courses to cater to the needs of society. Amajan expensive and of higher education in the country consistently get away from the reach of the role of distance education in an age of undeniable and important. Therefore, the center of educational attainment for all persons who will provide a better opportunity for some reason could not get education. Go on this way, it is expected that your mission center “Education Jan – Jan’s Door” will be a significant.

Mahatma Gandhi International Hindi University Distance Learning Center to present alternatives to the current education system, in Hindi, original thinking and research on education from all sections of society particularly the disadvantaged sections to facilitate access to higher education for knowledge of the latest disciplines Hindi language through the original presentation using the latest technologies and distance education programs through the promotion of the Hindi – will ensure dissemination.

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Mahatma Gandhi Hindi Vishwavidyalaya Distance Education Courses

Postgraduate Programs :

  • MA Rural Development
  • MA Hindi
  • MBA ( Hindi medium )
  • MA Social Work ( MSW )
  • M. Lib.
  • Journalism and Mass Communication graduate ( Mlje.amalsil )

Graduate Programs :

  • Journalism and Mass Communication Graduates ( Blje.amalsil )
  • B. Lib.
  • BBA ( Hindi medium )

Postgraduate Diploma Programs :

  • Translation , Journalism and Mass Communication, Electronic Media Management and a Graduate Diploma in Film Production, Rural Development, Disaster Management.

Diploma Programs :

  • Female Empowerment and Development, Creative Writing in Hindi, Tourism Studies.

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Mahatma Gandhi Antarrashtriya Hindi Vishwavidyalaya – MGAHV Address

Mahatma Gandhi International Hindi University,


Gandhi Hills,

Post: Hindi University,

Wardha – 442005

(Maharashtra) India

Phone : + 91-7152-252651

Website :

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