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Sampurnanand Sanskrit Vishvavidyalaya History

Sanskrit is the most ancient and perfect among the languages of the world. Its storehouse of Knowledge is an unsurpassed and the most invaluable treasure of the world. This language is a symbol of Peculiar Indian tradition and thought, which a exhibited full freedom in the search of truth, has shown complete tolerance towards spiritual and other kind of experience of mankind, and has shown catholicity towards universal truth.

Sanskrit Language contains not only a rich fund of knowledge of people of India but it is also an unparalleled way to acquire knowledge and it thus significant for the whole world.

In order to highlight its International Significance and to keep intact traditional scholarship and to strike a compromise between Indian and Western outlook and to conduct research and study the various aspects of culture and spiritual literature.

This Sampurnanand Sanskrit Vishvavidyalaya was founded¬† on 22 March, 1958 by the then chief Minister Dr. Sampurnanand¬† and Education Minister Pt. Kamlapati Tripathi at Varanasi, the oldest cultural city of India, With the name of “Varanaseya Snskrit Vishwavidyalaya”, D. A.N. Jha Being the first vice chancellor. It was renamed has Sampurnanand Sanskrit University under the U.P. State University Act, 1973, With effect from 16 December, 1974.

Sampurnanand Sanskrit Vishvavidyalaya has since been proceeding along the set path of the programs while trying to achieve its goal. If its former shape “Government Sanskrit College” is included it has an excellent history of about 205 years.

Sampurnanand Sanskrit Vishvavidyalaya Departments :

Faculties and Departments

  • Veda – Vedanga Faculty
  • Department of Veda
  • Department of Dharma Shastra
  • Department of Jyotisha ( Astrology )
  • Department of Vyakarana

Sahitya Sanskriti Faculty

  • Department of Puranetihasa
  • Department of Sahitya
  • Department of Prachina Rajashastra – Arthashastra

Faculty of Philosophy

  • Department of Nyaya – Vaishesika
  • Department of Vedanta
  • Department of Mimamsa
  • Department of Comparative Religion and Philosophy
  • Department of Sankhya – Yoga – Tantragama

Sramana Vidya Faculty

  1. Department of Baudha Darshana
  2. Department of Jaina Darshana
  3. Department of Prakrita and Jainagama
  4. Department of Pali and Theravada
  5. Department of Sanskrita Vidya

Adhunika Gyan Vijyana faculty

  • Department of Modern Languages and Linguistics
  • Department of Social Sciences
  • Department of Education
  • Department of Science ( Science, Home Science )
  • Department of Library Science

Sampurnanand Sanskrit Vishvavidyalaya Address :

Sampurnanand Sanskrit Vishvavidyalaya,
Varanasi – 221 002,
Uttar Pradesh, India,
Telephone No. : 0542 – 2204089, 2203911 ( O ), 0542 – 2207457, 2204213, 0542 – 2206617 ( R ),
Website :

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